Colocation, Equipment placementUnit lease in Creanova data center is a favorable solution for companies puzzled by the problem related to reliable collocation of a server or telecommunications equipment. We provide Colocation services in Helsinki (Finland) in our own data center. The cost of server collocation depends on the number of units, hardware power supply and Internet link speed. Installation in racks is carried out absolutely for free. If necessary, we can quickly change the number of units leased for collocation purposes.
Collocation of your own server as compared to server leasing as well as use of your own configurations allow saving money in the longer term. You can regularly expand your capacities, create server groups, drive buckets and blade servers, combine them and create complex and high-performance systems required for your tasks.

Our Colocation PlansPlease choose your plan and configure if needed

/ month

CC #1

  • 1 Unit
  • Power 350W
  • Bandwidth 10TB
  • IP addresses IPv4 2
  • IP addresses IPv6 /112
  • Port speed 100Mbit/s
/ month

CC #2

  • 2 Units
  • Power 500W
  • Bandwidth 15TB
  • IP addresses IPv4 2
  • IP addresses IPv6 /112
  • Port speed 100Mbit/s
/ month

CC #3

  • 4 Units
  • Power 1000W
  • Bandwidth unlimited
  • IP addresses IPv4 4
  • IP addresses IPv6 /112
  • Port speed 100Mbit/s
/ month

CC #4

  • 12 Units
  • Power 1500W
  • Bandwidth 40TB
  • IP addresses IPv4 8
  • IP addresses IPv6 /112
  • Port speed 1Gbit/s
/ month

CC #5

  • 22 Units
  • Power 2000W
  • Bandwidth 60TB
  • IP addresses IPv4 16
  • IP addresses IPv6 /112
  • Port speed 1Gbit/s
/ month

CC #6

  • 42 Units
  • Power 4000W
  • Bandwidth unlimited
  • IP addresses IPv4 32
  • IP addresses IPv6 /112
  • Port speed 1Gbit/s
Power features
Power 100W - 800W
Power 1KW
Power 2KW
Power 3KW
IP features
30€/20€ (setup)
Additional IP 1-3
IP subnet /30
IP subnet /29
IP subnet /28
IP subnet /27
IP subnet /26
Connection features
Connection speed 100Mbit/s unlim
Connection speed 1Gbit/s (60TB)
Connection speed 1Gbit/s unlim
Connection speed 10Gbit/s (600TB)
1250€/500€ (setup)
Connection speed 10Gbit/s unlim
3900€/500€ (setup)

Minimum leasing period - one month. Discounts are provided for those who pay for leasing for more than one month.

Each subscription plan includes connection to 1Gb or 100Mb port. In addition, traffic is not divided into inbound/outbound and does not depend on geolocation.

Servers are installed for free. You just pay a monthly subscription fee.

If you need collocation of a large number of servers, rack leasing is available for you. If you need software, you can buy it or take for lease. If you need additional computing resources when you use hardware, we will be pleased to offer you a fast and convenient service – dedicated server leasing.