Cloud virtual private servers - Cloud VPSA cloud server of high reliability means that you will forget about the loss of data on a server and inaccessibility of your project!
The server data is located in a cloud storage, which is used by the computing nodes. In case of node failure where your VPS located, it immediately launches on the other cloud system node. Everything you'll see just OS restart.
A high level of reliability of cloud servers is provided by using enterprise-class hardware: HP and DELL blade servers.
KVM virtualization has the following advantages:
Complete independence of the operating system from anything: you can install any kernel and almost any *NIX or Windows operating system by connecting the iso image directly in our control panel;
You will have full access to your server even when it is unavailable through SSH, RDP or a failure inside the VPS server operating system (VNC technology); Absolute guarantee of allocation of all declared system resources: processor capacities, memory and disk space.

Various OS

Preinstalled operating system at the customer’s option (CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian, GNU / Linux, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows).
You can contact us if you need other operating system.
Microsoft Windows is offered subject to additional charges.

Easy startup

If necessary (on the customer’s request that shall be included into the order), we can preinstall the following services: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 / IMAP, SQL, and DNS. After the installation stage extra amounts will be charged for installation requests subject to the price list or upon agreement with the sales department

Full control

We offer cloud virtual servers with root access. You will be able to use root account to have full server control over connection which implemented via SSH, RDP protocols (Full Root or RDP for Windows). Also we provide permanent VNC access.

Startup plan for Cloud VPS servers

/ mo


  • CPU 1 Core: ( Xeon E5-2680v4 )
  • HDD 50 Gb disk space: ( SSD )
  • DDR4 RAM 4Gb: ( Ecc Buffered )
  • IPv4 + IPv6 addresses
  • Backup space 200 Gb
  • Bandwidth Unlim (100 Mbit/s)
  • OS Linux/BSD
+1 CPU Core (Max 32 Cores)
4.00 €/mo
+1Gb RAM (Max 128Gb)
1.30 €/mo
+1Gb SAS HDD (Max 2000Gb)
1.80 €/mo
+1 IPv4 address (Max 32 IPs)
1.30 €/mo
/112 IPv6 address (Max /112)
+50 Backup space (Max 2000Gb)
2.00 €/mo
Port speed 1Gbit/s limit 60Tb/mo
90.00 €/mo
Control panel Directadmin
5.00 €/mo
Control panel ISPManager
3.00 €/mo
Control panel ISPManager
20.00 €/one time
Control panel Virtualmin
Additional information
After initial configuration a client has root access to server and further administration of Cloud VPS server, client is engaged in itself. If clients have questions according to server administration, or client made a mistake in the software configuration and it requires the help of experts, he or she can contact the Technical Support Department. Our experts will try to help as soon as possible. Cloud VPS price also includes assistance in relocating of projects from other web hosting companies.
Virtualization platform
We use KVM virtualization platform for Cloud VPS
Free domain registration
Free registration of .com, .net, .org, .ru domain, if you purchase Cloud VPS for 12 months.
Further renewal according to the price list for domain names.
Backup space
We provide free of charge disk space for clients backups on a separate storage, with FTP, SSH access.
Control panels
Webmin, Virtualmin FREE. For additional charge DirectAdmin, ISP Manager
Need somthing non-standart ?
If you haven’t found a server configured to your needs among our VPS servers offered for lease then please contact us and we will offer you exactly the same configuration you need.
Additional options for the Cloud VPS (RAM, CPU, HDD) are paid in addition.